Essentials for Installing Vinyl Sidings

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Vinyl home siding is inexpensive and easy to install. It is not to say that installation is simply a hammer and nails game. Given that you follow the simple guidelines for effective installation, you won’t need an expert on your side to help you pull off the job.

Average vinyl siding installation costs around 11000 USD. Homeowners usually pay between 6000 and 16000 USD for vinyl siding installation for an entire home. You can get the job for as much as half the price.

CAUTION: This is a DIY guide for installing vinyl sidings on a budget. If you dread doing it on your own, this guide is NOT for you and we suggest contacting TEO Construction to handle your siding project.

Now for those who want to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their home with affordable vinyl siding installation, then without further ado, we’ll just get started.

5 Essentials for Installing Vinyl Sidings

Vinyl Responds To Temperature

Vinyl can contract and expand due to temperature. Therefore, it seems wise to understand the material and prepare for it. Cut sidings with a length of 0.75 inches from the accessories. Also, make sure to use the right size nails. Nails should be 0.75 inches long or enough to be easily driven into the siding. The nail base should be thick enough to accommodate the nail length.

Besides, it is helpful not to nail the panel tight. Nail loosely to allow expansion and contraction. You can leave a gap of 0.1 inches between the nail head and the vinyl base. Loose nailing is effective and would also prevent dimples caused by tight nailing.

Don’t Nail The Edge Of The Panel

Sidings usually have nail slots on the edge of the panel. You don’t have to nail the edge.

Make Sure To Drive Nails Straight

Crooked nails will damage the panel. Therefore, make sure to hammer your nails straight.

Prepare The Surface For Effective Installation

Nail loose board first. Tying back trees and branches will give you more space to work freely. If you jump into the job right away, you might end up damaging the landscape. Hence, it’s better to prepare your space before you start the job. Clear out downspouts and other installations which may interfere with the siding panel. Also, you may scrape away all the old caulking before you start nailing. Removing caulking will allow space for leveling the panel.

Cut Carefully To Avoid Chipping

Whether you use a power saw, table saw, or a miter one, make sure to install a fine saw blade. It will help in slow-cutting. You can reverse the blade for smooth cutting. It is advised to be careful when using the saw. Make sure to cut smooth to avoid any chipping.


In conclusion, vinyl sidings are an inexpensive addition to your home. It’s a perfect alternate for homeowners looking for low-maintenance solutions for the exterior of their homes. Though the installation process is easy, it’s not just a hammer and nails game. Therefore, you would be better off if you followed the above-provided essential tips for effective installation that would sustain the long-term.


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